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Paperback (November 28, 2020) by Sino Agueze.


This book addresses the confusion surrounding the subject of speaking in other tongues, which for centuries has not received a clear and simple biblical explanation on questions such as: Is tongues for today?Can every believer speak in tongues?Can we speak in tongues in a church setting?What does it mean to keep silent if there are no interpreters?Is there a difference between the generic gift of tongues and diversity of tongues as one of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit?Does interpretation mean translation of tongues?Are we now in the "Perfect" or do we still know in part according to 1 Corinthians 13:12? And many more.It further explains the importance of this precious gift in the prayer life of the believer and encourages the believer to forbid not to pray in tongues.

Tongues of Fire: A Biblical Defense for the Gift of Speaking in Tongues

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