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Leading people into experiencing the "transformative" presence of God.


God first revealed this Model of CampMeeting to Apostle Sino Agueze in Nigeria when he was 19 years old. God showed him the need for people to take the journey to meet with God for a very special and specific encounter; like Moses, the Man of God was often called out from the people and from his usual environment to the Mountain of God for the sole purpose of experience a life-altering encounter with God. And this act of calling Moses out happened frequently, even though Moses never lacked God's presence or lacked hearing God's voice in his daily activities.


Apostle Sino has seen God do in three days what most Christians never get to experience in a lifetime during these campmeetings. In-fact, Apostle Sino claims that in his experience as a christian, no other platform has produce a deeper work of the Holy Spirit in the heart of the believer.


Over the years of hosting this CampMeeting Model:

  • We've keenly observed why God moves in certain environments and why He won't move in others.

  • We've paid utmost attention to the laws that guide the moving and outpouring of God's Spirit in a service, and the specific conditions that must be met to have His enduring presence.

  • We've learned the difference between a superficial encounter and a life-transforming encounter with God, and why we continue to seek the latter wholeheartedly.

  • We've observed why the right motive, the right focus and the right commitment of the heart is essential to experiencing God in a real way. God has placed a premium value and standard on His presence, and He bids us to both prepare and to meet His standards.

  • We've learned that specific things can hinder a move of God such as unforgiveness, bitterness, offenses, malice; walking out of love; being judgmental and critical, living dishonestly, being unthankful and constantly negative etc. These "sins" clog up the heart like the clogging of a tap, hence blocking the flow of God's life in a person. Learning to unclog the heart from all these pollutants is vital to experiencing God. Other factors such as genuine repentance and brokenness are equally essential.


THE ENVIRONMENT - We endeavor by the leading of the Holy Spirit to create an empowering environment that hosts the Active Presence of Jesus, which is nothing short of transformative.


We place a very high premium on the kind of environment we choose to host our campmeetings. In our experiences, the quality of the surroundings makes up 50% of the overall impact we gain from experiencing God. We intentionally choose modern facilities and serene places, surrounded by nature, lakes, and rivers wherever we can find them. In between the breaks, participants are encouraged to spend alone time with God meditating on the beauty of His person and the beauty of His creation. From the sound of the waterfalls and the flowing streams to the design in the butterflies, we experience God through the revelation of His Word and His Creation. The Bible is filled with examples of God calling people away from a distracted life to a place where we attend to Him with zero distraction. Here, we find ourselves tuning into a frequency where hearing from God becomes as common as a child hearing the voice of a parent.


THE FOCUS - Attending to God without distractions is a goal we seek to attain.


We strive to maintain 100% focus on God from start to finish. We've seen God perform amazing miracles when participants shift the focus away from themselves and set it exclusively on God. However, as we intentionally seek to make God and His kingdom the priority, He always ends up doing so much more for each participant than we can ever imagine. Even when the participants are dismissed after a day's session and head back to their various hostels, cubicles or camp rooms, they are encouraged to make God the center of all their discussions and deliberations. Emphasis is placed not only on the moment of the service but also on the aftermath of each day's encounter with God. Participants should give the desired time to "take in" all that God did in their personal lives and in the lives of others during the meetings. 


THE WORSHIP - We find ourselves unmasked so that the real us can connect with a real God.


One of the constant characteristics of our campmeetings is a strong manifestation of freedom, making it both easy and natural for each participant to be themselves and worship God unmasked. We experience so much of God's love and God's grace which enables us to return that love back to Him wholeheartedly. Since we spend anywhere between thirteen (13) to fifteen (15) hours a day in God's presence, worship through songs takes up a bit of that time. Moreover, our song choices are 100% Christ-Centered. The songs focus on the magnificence of Christ's death, burial, resurrection, and victory at the right hand of the Father and what all that means to the believer. We've experienced moments where we couldn't stop worshipping for hours at a time.


THE PRAYER - We often find ourselves with one problem - the inability to stop praying.


There always seems to be a strong praying spirit hovering over the entire meeting and we've come to believe that this is due to the single-mindedness of the participants toward God. When the sole motive for coming to any meeting is to experience God, that's a reason God will always honor without fail. So, in our meetings, participants actually spend time praying. We have three sessions a day, and at least, one hour is spent actually praying in each of those sessions. We intentionally pray without back-up music. So, there is a time for worship and a time for prayer. There is nothing wrong with praying with backup worshipful songs, but in my experience, most Christians find it difficult to pray without it. People tend to have a stronger prayer life when they learn to pray with music and without music. We've experienced many moments where the Spirit of God completely takes over the entire service and takes over the schedule for the day.


THE FAST - Fasting is how we properly tune into God's frequency.


This is the one thing that separates our campmeetings from many others - we fast. That is, we go without food during the entire campmeeting event. Unfortunately, "fasting" in the America Church has become almost a lost biblical concept, and food has become an idol. The shared thought of going without eating is scary for some and unthought of for others. Jesus Christ, our model, never lived in God's power until He fasted. Cornelius (Acts 10:30) experienced a life-changing encounter during a fast. The gospel to the gentile world began through a fast - (Acts 10:10). Saul became Paul, arguably, the greatest Apostle that ever lived, through a fast - (Acts 13:2). Fasting disconnects us from the influences of the world while prayer connects us to God. Fasting is how we reduce the world's volume and fully tune into God's frequency. 


GOD'S PRESENCE - We've seen God do in three days what most never experience in an entire year.


God's presence in these camp meetings is nothing short of transformative - a real, tangible and measurable transformation from the inside out. We find ourselves more in love with God and with an insatiable desire to want to lay down our lives for His cause. In these meetings, the weight of the world is stripped off of us, our perspective on life dramatically changes and all the things we once thought important fade in the light of having experienced the reality of a living Christ. Our desires change from living a casual life to living extraordinarily on purpose. God's presence produces spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing in a very vivid way. In His presence, we find ourselves completely broken and all our defenses shattered by God's overwhelming and redemptive love. The truth in these meetings is, it is often hard to describe or explain the depth of the workings of God without the participants sobbing in joyful tears. 

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