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Paperback (February 12, 2018) by Sino Agueze.


Building Capacity demonstrates that God's best plan and life's best success for anyone depends on one's capacity to create it. It shows that much depends on us (our capacity) and not on God - God can do no more and no less than the capacity we build. Creating capacity for life and success is both a personal responsibility and a part of God's immutable design.


Many subscribe to an erroneous concept of the sovereignty of God, and as a result of this misconception, believe that their fate in life ultimately depends on God or some other higher power calling the shots - that everything in this life is "as is" because God has willed it so. What they fail to see is that God has placed all responsibility for life and success squarely on the shoulders of mankind, and that this assigned responsibility is a part of His divine plan. He designed life for us to call the shots, and for us to determine the outcome of our lives in this world. God is not the one running planet earth, man is. The condition of the world today is a direct cause of man's oversight of its affairs, and God can only get involved to the extent we let Him.

Building Capacity

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